How to Design a Website Using WordPress

Designing a website is no easy feat if you were to create it from scratch. Fortunately, investing too much time and effort in designing your website is no longer necessary since you can now use an open-source content management system (CMS) that will allow you to create your website in no time. There are a few options for you when it comes to using such a system but WordPress is by far your best option as it is simple, fast, and free.

1. Plan Your Website Layout

Planning is a vital part of your website design process because it will help you organize your content and visualize the overall layout that you want to appear on your website. When it comes to planning your website layout, create a site map diagram that will allow you to carefully plan the contents of your website. From there, you can then decide the number of pages that you want to have and the layout as well as the contents of each page.

2. Subscribe to a Website Hosting Plan

Website hosting is like renting a space online where you can place your website to make it available on the internet. Fortunately, there is a plethora of website hosting services that offers affordable and reliable domain hosting plans that will fit your every need. Simply choose your website hosting provider then subscribe to your preferred website hosting plan. Once done, you may then pick your domain name which is basically a name that you want to call your website.

3. Install WordPress

Whether you’re a new website designer or you just simply want to build your website the easiest way, installing WordPress would be the best way to get you started. WordPress development allows you to manage your content easily and for free. To begin, simply install WordPress then sign up for an account and wait for your website to be created. Once your website is ready, you may now enter the domain name that’s attached to your website hosting plan and proceed with installing a WordPress theme as well as your plugins.

4. Create a Custom Logo Design

A website logo is an important feature of your website because it serves as a visual representation of your brand. The logo symbolizes your brand’s core values and it helps identify your products or services to online consumers. One of the best things about creating a website design using WordPress is that it comes with a logo customization option that will allow you to create your unique logo within the platform. Simply go to your WordPress dashboard and create a custom logo design that will carry your brand’s identity. On top of that, the logo also comes with a site navigation function that allows the users to easily return to the home page by simply clicking on the logo.

5. Add Your Contents

Before adding your content, you must first enter your site information on WordPress such as your site title and taglines then select your categories. Once done, you may then begin adding content to your WordPress by going to the dashboard and clicking on the “Posts” tab. In adding a new post, simply enter the title of your post and type its content or paste it from a word processor. Add a few tags then publish the post to your website.


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